Who Are We?

The Criminal Justice Chaplaincy (CJC) was founded in 1980 by Church of the Servant Christian Reformed Church and other West Michigan churches. The ministry came from a Vision that Biblical, restorative, justice requires reconciliation to victims and perpetrators of crime, through Christ’s love and compassion.

Our Mission

To restore returning citizens to the community through Christ's teaching, love and compassion.

Our Vision

Provide supportive services that assist individuals returning from incarceration and those affected by their actions, decisions, and plans, to overcome barriers, address needs, and become productive in their community. 

Listen to Dee Obreht, Executive Director of CJC talk with WGVU grant writer, Steve Chappell.

Primary Goals

Direct Service to Individuals, Families and Groups 

  • Case Management—goal planning meetings

  • Horticultural Therapy Program—women using gardening to promote hope and healing

  • Mentors—trained volunteers provide friendship & support to overcome obstacles

  • Reentry Lunch—providing a safe place for food and fellowship with friends

  • Support Services—such as clothing, bus passes, work boots & tools, & bikes

  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)—cognitive behavioral therapy promoting positive self image and identity

  • Son To A Father Program—Parenting skills training for men prior to release from prison

  • Church Support—individualized planning, support and training

Involve Churches and Community with offenders and families 

  • Contacts & consultation with agencies, individuals & churches

  • Ex-offenders mentor training & seminars

  • Volunteer opportunities and training

Encourage Restorative Justice within Corrections 

  • Promoting restorative justice in churches & the community

  • Encouraging religious programming within the Michigan Department of Corrections

  • Consultants to congregations to enhance pastoral care

Restorative Justice

Criminal Justice Chaplaincy is involved in Restorative Justice.

What is restorative justice?

The Christian Reformed Church (CRC) Office of Social Justice describes it this way:

Restorative Justice is a biblically based view of criminal justice that attempts to engage victims, offenders and the affected communities in bringing about deep and lasting solutions by focusing on restitution, restoration, healing, and the future.  At its core, it is about relationships.

To learn more about what the CRC is doing with restorative justice, visit their website here.