Please note: This program is currently on hold until further notice.

Horticultural Therapy Program


To improve the quality of life for our clients through horticultural activities.




  1. To provide learning experiences in basic life skills and vocational skills through horticultural activities.
  2. To provide opportunities to improve social, emotional, and spiritual well-being through horticultural activities.
  3. To provide opportunities to enhance physical well-being through horticultural activities.


What Horticultural Therapy Clients Say

“Today brought back wonderful memories of my childhood – so innocent.”

“ I felt great after doing physical work. I would do this again.”

“(Today’s activity) helped me in my spiritual growth.”

“I was calm, it was fun and very healthy.” 

“I hope we can do this again and I would like to be my own group leader again.”

“When I get home in a couple of weeks I’m gonna try to start my own garden.”

“(Weeding today reminded me) that I need to weed out my past.”