Client Needs, every bit helps!

Hygiene Care Packages

Donate soap, tooth brush & paste, shaving cream & razors, shampoo, combs, etc. to adults staying in transitional housing. People newly released from prison do not have access to personal health-care items. Clients are so thankful to receive these gifts and transitional houses rely on us to provide them.   Other useful items include wash cloths and hand towels, laundry soap, back packs or duffel bags and can openers.


Bicycle Donation

Many returning citizens do not have transportation available and struggle to get  to appointments, classes and jobs.  Bicycles donated to CJC are inspected and, if needed, repaired before being provided to needy clients with a bicycle lock.  CJC accepts adult bicycles; the need is especially great for gear bikes and large framed bicycles for men.  Bicycle locks and helmets are also accepted.

Bus Pass Donation

Because many returning citizens do not have transportation available, many rely on public transportation completely or in conjunction with a bicycle.  Bus passes for Grand Rapids bus service, The Rapid, are vital for many as they look for jobs.  Donations of 1-ride, 10-ride and 31-day bus passes are gratefully accepted.  (Note:  Grand Rapids "City Points" program allows people to earn points for recycling and redeem them for coupons including 10-Ride Bus passes on The Rapid.  For more information, go to My GR City Points.

Underwear Collection & Donation


Organize an underwear collection in your church, place of work, or other group setting. Participants can donate underwear in the sizes worn by their own family. This ensures that a wide variety of sizes are available for our clients. Underwear is not available for purchase at second hand stores, and because it is expensive, clients are often not able to purchase it for themselves.  Socks are also welcome!

boots and winter coats collection & donation

Due to the limited transportation options mentioned above, many returning citizens walk to appointments and their destinations in all types of weather.  Good footwear and warm coats are critical, especially in cold weather months.  Winter and work boots are always in high demand and not always readily available.  Consider donating new or gently used adult sized boots or winter coats to CJC!

For more information about client needs & to donate an item please contact us!