ROMANS 7:19 

"When I want to do good, I don't. And when I try not to do wrong, I do it anyway."
We can all relate to this struggle to do what is right. I know that personally, I am very hard on myself at times like this. But think of this as it relates to someone returning from incarceration. You come out after "paying your time", You were on good behavior while inside. You are trying to make the right choices and turn your life around. But there are so many decision, so many people watching, so much pressure. It can often feel like things go wrong even when I try, or even when I make good choices. 

Please pray for those returning from incarceration, be patient, encouraging, and supportive of them. Their situation may be very different from yours, but the struggles may be similar.

Guest Speaker:  Michael Johnson

In Spring 2016, CJC partnered with Hope Network and the CLEAR program to host some meetings with motivational speaker, Michael Johnson.  He spoke candidly about reentry issues for men and women as they return home from being incarcerated.  

The Re-entry Trap:  Fear & Doubt.  

Guest Speaker:  Jeff Smith

In November 2016 at CJC's Annual Dinner, Jeff Smith, former Missouri State Senator, professor, author, and current executive vice president of Concordance Academy, a new non-profit focused on helping formerly incarcerated people successfully transition into the community, spoke on recidivism and prison reform, a topic with which he gained first-hand knowledge following a criminal conviction sentencing him to Federal Prison for a year and a day.  


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